high temperature 1000°c wire

high temperature 1000°c wire

 1000°c pure nickel wire high temperature heat-resistant cable

There are very few cables that can withstand 1000 degrees. At present, only one type of cable can be achieved, that is 1000°c pure nickel wire high temperature heat-resistant cable. The cable structure is conductor pure nickel wire, glass fiber as insulation, fire-resistant mica tape, and glass fiber as the final outer sheath,600°c nickel-plated high temperature cable.

1000°c pure nickel wire high temperature heat-resistant cable Features:

1. Rated voltage: 300/500V

2. Working temperature: 1500℃

3. Conductor: twisted pure nickel wire

4. Insulation: high temperature resistant yarn + glass fiber braided + fluorophlogopite tape

5. Color: red/yellow/blue/white/black/yellow-green/brown/orange/purple/green/etc

The mechanical properties of nickel are close to that of carbon steel, and its alkali corrosion resistance is second only to silver in metal materials. Therefore, 1000°c pure nickel wire high temperature heat-resistantcable made of pure nickel wire in high-temperature environments are very popular and reliable in quality.

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