Silicone Cable

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200c Silicone Rubber wire
200c Silicone Insulated Wire
200c Multi-core Silicone cable
200c Multi-core Silicone shield cable
Silicone Insulated WireSilicone Fiberglass Insulated WireSilicone Insulated Multi-core Cable
Rated Temperature:-60℃~200℃150℃, 200℃, 250℃150℃~200℃
Rated Voltage:300V, 600V, 1100V,3000V,6000V or others (Max. 10KV)300V, 600V, 1100V,3000V,6000V or others (Max. 10KV)300V, 600V, 1100V,3000V,6000V or others (Max. 10KV)
Conductor:Copper, Tinned Copper or othersCopper, Tinned Copper or othersCopper, Tinned Copper or others
Insulation:Silicone RubberSilicone RubberSilicone Rubber
Jacket:noneFiberglass BraidSilicone Rubber
Size:28AWG-500KCMIL28AWG-500KCMIL2*28AWG~19*8AWG or 37*12AWG
UL Styles:UL3133 UL3134 UL3137 UL3138 UL3141 UL3142 UL3529 UL3140
UL3536 UL3580 UL3586 UL3135 UL3139 UL3512 UL3513 UL3530 UL3239 UL3573 *Customization accepted.
UL3068 UL3069 UL3071 UL3074 UL3075 UL3122 UL3231 UL3304 UL3410 UL3640 UL3641 UL3642 UL3645 UL3661 UL3662 UL3663 UL3755 UL3907 UL3908 UL3909 UL3974 *Customization accepted.UL4291 UL4389 UL4403 UL4421 UL4452 UL4476 UL4598 UL4602 UL4603 UL469
UL4610 *Customization accepted.
Application : Silicone high temperature wire and cable has excellent performance at both high and low temperatures. They are UV resistant, and has long service life.They are widely used in lighting fixtures, household appliances, electric heating appliances, instrumentation, motor leads and even food-grade applications.

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