Fiberglass Wire&Cable

Mica Wire&Cable Fiberglass Wire&Cable  Teflon Wire&Cable Silicone Cable Thermocouple Wire Heating Wire

300 degree high temperature wire
Multi-core fiberglass shield cable
350C 600V Fiberglass Wrapping Insulation Wire
350C 300V Fiberglass Braid Insulation Wire
2-layer Braided WireWrapped and Braided Wire
Rated Temperature:350℃~450℃350℃~450℃
Rated Voltage:300V or others300V, 600V or others
Conductor:Nickel Plated Copper or Pure NickelNickel Plated Copper or Pure Nickel
Insulation:Fiberglass BraidingFiberglass Wrapping
Jacket:(Special) Fiberglass Braiding(Special) Fiberglass Braiding
*Available colors: White, natural,or other colors with or without stripes.
*All the above wires can be made into multi-core cables. Size:20.14mm2-19*6mm2
*Application: Wire for household appliances, industrial heating equipment, oven equipments for thermoplastic products such as rubber, etc.

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