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mica wire
1000C 600V Nickel quartz yarn Mica Wire
450C 600V Mica fiberglass MGT wire
1000C 600V Multi-core Mica Cable
450C 600V Multi-core Mica shield Cable
Mica WireMulti-core Mica Cable
Rated Temperature:450℃~1000℃450℃~1000℃
Rated Voltage:300V, 600V300V, 600V
Conductor:Nickel Plated Copper,Pure Nickel or Ni-Cr AlloyNickel Plated Copper,Pure Nickel or Ni-Cr Alloy
Insulation:Mica Tape WrappingMica Tape Wrapping
Jacket:Fiberglass, Special FiberglassFiberglass, Special Fiberglass
Size:28AWG-4/0AWG26AWG-7AWG, 0.12mm2-10mm2
UL Styles
450℃:UL5128 UL5107 UL5334 UL5335 UL5359
UL5360 UL5476
550℃:UL5561 UL5562
Shield(Optional):noneStainless Steel Braid
Core No.:none2-19
Customization:*Customization Available.*Customization Available.
Application : Suitable for high temperature signal and power transmission applications. Fixed installation, not removable.

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