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Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory located in BaoYing North of YangZhou which is a historical cultural and celebrated city in China is a professional manufacturer producing common and special Cables Wires including UL High Temperature Wire Multi layers Fiberglass Braided Wire TGGT Wire Thermocouple Wire Automobile Sensor Cable HID Cable High Voltage Wire for Auto etc We have gained certificates for China Compulsory Product Certification CCC ISO9001 International Quality System Certification American UL CSA SGS and CTi With an experienced and professional team our products have been covered to many regions in the world and mainly exported to European and American Markets Relying on a wealth of...

Categories and Products

High Temperature Wire

500C Heat Resistant Fibre Glass Braid Cable 0.5mm2 0.75mm2 1.0mm2 600V 550C High Temperature Wire 0.5mm2 0.75mm2 1.0mm2 300V 550C High Temperature Wire 0.5mm2 550C Pure Nickel High Temperature Braid Wire 750C Stranded Nickel Quartz Yarn High Temperature Wire 0.5mm2 0.75mm2 1.0mm2 750C High Temperature Wire 1.5mm2 2.0mm2 2.5mm2 750C High Temperature Cable 350C Fibreglass Insulated High Temperature Resistance Cable 350C Fiber Glass Insulated High Temperature Cable 450C 0.5mm2 0.75mm2 Mica Insulated Fiberglass Braided Wire 450C 1.0mm2 1.5mm2 Mica Insulated Fiberglass Braided Wire 2.0mm2 2.5mm2 3.0mm2 Mica Insulated Fiberglass Braided Wire 0.5mm2 0.75mm2 1.0mm2 Mica Fiberglass Braided Cable 2.0mm2 2.5mm2 3.0mm2 Mica Insulated Fiberglass Braided Cable Mica Tape Wrapped Fire Resistant Cable Fiberglass Insulated Heat Resistant Wire Pure Nickel Mica Tape Heat Resistant Wire Nickel Conductor Fiberglass Braid Heat Resistance Cable 350C Fiberglass Insulated Wire 350C Fiber Glass Wire 

Silicone Wire

UL3135 Silicone Rubber Insulated High Temperature Wire UL3239 10KV Silicone Coated High Voltage Cable UL3239 10kV High Voltage High Temperature Silicone Cable UL3132 20awg 18awg Flexible Silicone Rubber Insulated Wire UL3239 10KV Silicone Insulated High Voltage Wire UL3135 600V 200C Silicone Insulated Flexible Cable UL3135 600V 200C Flexible Silicone Rubber Wire UL3132 300V 150C 26AWG 24AWG 22AWG Silicone Wire UL3133 600V 150C 26AWG 24AWG 22AWG Silicone Wire UL3132 300V 150C 20AWG 18AWG 16AWG Silicone Wire UL3133 600V 150C 20AWG 18AWG 16AWG Silicone Wire UL3135 200C 26AWG 24AWG 22AWG Wire UL3135 200C 20AWG 18AWG 16AWG Wire UL3135 200C 14AWG 12AWG Silicone Wire UL3134 150C 18AWG 16AWG 14AWG 12AWG Silicone Wire UL3136 150C 26AWG 24AWG 22AWG 20AWG Silicone Wire UL3137 26AWG 24AWG 22AWG 20AWG Silicone Insulated Wire UL3138 150C 18AWG 16AWG 14AWG 12AWG Silicone Wire UL3140 150C 26AWG 24AWG 22AWG 20AWG Silicone Wire UL3141 150C 26AWG 24AWG 22AWG 20AWG Silicone Wire 

Silicone Braided Wire

UL3122 Wire

UL3122 300V 200C Silicone Braided Appliance Lead Wire Silicone fiberglass braided 300V 200C UL3122 Wire Cable UL3122 Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Braid Wire UL3122 silicone rubber insulated glass fiber braid wire UL3122 26AWG 24AWG 22AWG Silicone Fiberglass Braid Wire UL3122 20AWG 18AWG 16AWG Silicone Braided Wire UL3122 0.5mm2 0.75mm2 Fiberglass Braid Silicone Rubber Wire UL3122 Fiberglass Braid Silicone Rubber Insulation Wire UL3122 Fiberglass Braiding Silicone Wire UL3122 SF1 silicone fiberglass braided 300V 200C wire UL3122 300V 200C Silicone Fiber Glass Braided Wire 300V UL3122 fiberglass braided silicone insulation cable 

UL3068 Wire

UL3068 UL3069 Silicone Braid High-Temp Thermo Electric Wire UL3068 UL3069 Silicone Fiberglass Braid Wire UL3068 UL3069 Silicone Fiberglass Braid Cable UL3068 26AWG 24AWG 22AWG Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Wire UL3068 20AWG 18AWG 16AWG Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Wire 

UL3069 Wire

UL3069 26AWG 24AWG 22AWG 20AWG Silicone Fiberglass Wire 

UL3071 Wire

UL3071 UL3074 UL3075 Silicone Fiberglass Braided Cable UL3071 600V high temperature silicone braided lead wire UL3071 UL3074 UL3075 Silicone Fiberglass Braid Wire UL3071 UL3074 UL3075 silicone braid wire UL3071 18AWG 200C Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Braid Wire UL3071 16AWG 14AWG 200C Silicone Fiberglass Braid Wire 600V UL3071 SF2 silicone fiberglass braid cable 

UL3074 Wire

UL3074 200C 12AWG Fibre Glass Silicone Rubber Wire UL3074 Silicone And fiberglass Cables 

UL3075 Wire

UL3074 UL3075 Fiberglass Braided Silicone Insulated Wire 

Teflon Wire

UL1332 300V 200C FEP Insulated Teflon Wire UL1330 UL1331 FEP Insulated Cable 300V 600V 1000V 20awg 18awg FEP Insulated Wire UL1331 High-Temp Teflon Insulated Cable 200Deg.C 250Deg.C 2 3 Core Teflon Sensor Cable 200C 300V 600V 1000V FEP Insulated Cable 200C 300V 600V 1000V Teflon Insulated Wire 200C 24AWG 22AWG 20AWG 18AWG 16AWG FEP Wire 200C 14AWG 12AWG 10AWG 8AWG 6AWG FEP Wire 200C 0.5mm2 0.75mm2 1.0mm2 1.5mm2 2.0mm2 FEP Wire 200C 2.5mm2 3.0mm2 3.5mm2 4.0mm2 4.5mm2 FEP Wire 250C 28AWG 26AWG 24AWG PFA Insulated Wire 250C 22AWG 20AWG 18AWG PFA Insulated Wire 250C 16AWG 14AWG 12AWG PFA Insulated Wire 200C 300V UL1332 FEP teflon coated wire 600V UL1331 fep teflon insulated wire cable UL approval UL1330 FEP teflon insulation wire UL1330 600V 200C 26AWG 24AWG 22AWG FEP Cable UL1331 600V 150C 26AWG 24AWG 22AWG FEP Cable UL1332 300V 200C 26AWG 24AWG 22AWG FEP Cable 

Mica Wire

UL5107 Wire

UL5107 Mica Glass Serve High Temperature Wire UL5107 600V 450C High Temp Lead Wire UL5107 450Dge.C 600V High Temperature Mica Wire MGT UL5107 Pure Nickel High Temperature Cable UL5107 High Temp Lead Wire 26AWG 24AWG 22AWG UL5107 High Temp Lead Wire 20AWG 18AWG 16AWG UL5107 High Temp Lead Wire 14AWG 12AWG 10AWG UL5107 High Temp Lead Wire 8AWG 6AWG 4AWG UL5107 Nickel Mica Wire UL5107 Pure Nickel Cable UL5107 Pure Nickel Wire UL5107 Mica Insulated High Temp Fiberglass Wire UL5107 450C Fiber Glass Braid Wire UL5107 450C 600V MGT cable UL5107 600V 450C Pure Nickel Heating Element Wire UL5107 450C MGT Wire UL5107 Stranded Conductor 27% Nickel Clad Copper Wire 

UL5128 Wire

UL5128 Mica Fiberglass Braided High Temperature Cable 450C 300V UL5128 MGT high temperature wire UL5128 300V 450C High Temperature Wire 24AWG 22AWG UL5128 300V 450C High Temperature Wire 20AWG 18AWG UL5128 300V 450C Cable 20AWG 18AWG 16AWG UL5128 300V 450C Wire 14AWG 12AWG 10AWG UL5128 300V 450C Wire 8AWG 6AWG 4AWG UL5128 Mica Tape Heating Wire UL5128 450C MGT High Temperature Lead Wire UL5128 300Volts 450Deg.C High Temperature Mica Wire 

UL5334 Wire

UL5334 High Temp Lead Wire for home appliance UL5334 450C High Temperature Hook Up Wire UL5334 450C 300V 20AWG 18AWG 16AWG Wire UL5334 24AWG 22AWG 14AWG 450C 300V Wire UL5334 450C High Temperature Wire 24AWG 22AWG 20AWG UL5334 Nickel Conductor Mica Insulated Fiberglass Braid Wire UL5334 nickel high temperature MG wire UL5334 450C Pure Nickel Mica Wire UL5334 High temperature mica fiberglass wire 

UL5335 Wire

UL5335 450C 600V heat resistant electric cable UL Approval AWM5335 MGT High Temperature Wire UL/AWM 5335 High Temperature Braided Wire UL5335 Mica Tape Insulated Wire UL5335 450C Fiberglass Insulated Wire UL5335 Mica Fiber Glass Braid Wire UL5335 450C Fibreglass Braid Wire 20AWG 18AWG UL5335 Mica Fiberglass Braid Wire UL5335 450 Degree Fiberglass Fire Resistant Wire 18AWG UL5335 600V 450C MGT Wire 18AWG 16AWG 

UL5359 Wire

UL5359 Nickel Conductor High Temperature Resistance Wire UL5359 600V 450C MGT High Temperature Lead Wire UL5359 450C Fiber Glass Insulated Wire UL5359 600V 450C Pure Nickel Conductor Wire UL5359 Single Core Fiberglass Braid Fire Rated Wire UL5359 600V 450C Mica Insulated Fiberglass Braid Wire UL5359 600V 450 Degree MGT High Temperature Wire UL5359 600V 450 Degree MGT Heat Resistance Wire UL5359 MGT Wire 0.65mm2 1.0mm2 16AWG 600V 450 Degree MGT Wire 0.35mm2 0.5mm2 300V 450 Degree MGT Wire 0.5mm2 1.0mm2 

UL5360 Wire

UL5360 450C Fibre Glass High Temperature Braid Wire UL5360 300V 450C Fiberglass Braid High Temperature Cable UL5360 300V 450C 18AWG 16AWG High Temperature Wire UL5360 300V 450C 18AWG 16AWG High Temperature Cable UL5360 300V 450C Wire 26AWG 24AWG 22AWG UL5360 300V 450C Wire 20AWG 18AWG 16AWG UL5360 300V 450C Wire 14AWG 12AWG 10AWG UL5360 300V 450C Wire 8AWG 6AWG 4AWG UL5360 Fireproof Mica Electrical Wire UL5360 450C MGT High Temp Wire UL5360 450C MGT High Temperature Appliance Lead Wire UL5360 Nickel Fiberglass Covered Wire UL5360 Stranded Nickel Plated copper High Temperature Wire UL5360 450 Degree Fiberglass Braid Wire UL5360 Pure Nickel Fiberglass Insulated Cable 18AWG 

UL5476 Wire

UL5476 Pure Nickel Conductor Mica Insulated 20AWG Wire UL5476 Fiberglass Braid Cable UL 5476 pure nickel MG high tempature cable 

UL5561 Wire

UL5561 550C High Temperature Silicone Yarn Braid Wire UL5561 300V 550C high temperature resistance wire UL5561 550C Mica Insulated 18AWG High Temperature Wire UL5561 550C Silicone Yarn Braid Wire UL5561 550C Fiber Glass Braid Wire UL5561 Silica Yarn Braid High Temperature Wire 550C UL5561 heating element high temperature wire 

UL5562 Wire

UL5562 550C High Temperature Silicone Yarn Braid Cable 550C 600V high temperature UL5562 MGT cable UL5562 600V 550C 18AWG Nickel High Temperature Wire UL5562 600V 550C Braid Wire UL5562 550C Pure Nickel Fiberglass Braid Wire 

Tggt Wire

UL5256 Wire

UL5256 250C TGGT Heat Resistance wire UL5256 teflon tape insulated fiberglass braided TGGT wire UL5256 18AWG 16AWG 14AWG TGGT Wire UL5256 24AWG 22AWG 20AWG TGGT Wire UL5256 8WG 12AWG 10AWG TGGT Wire UL5256 TGGT Cable 24AWG 22AWG 20AWG UL5256 250C PTFE Tape Insulated Wire 1mm2 UL5256 PTFE Tape Insulated TGGT Wire UL5256 250C TGGT Wire UL5256 250C PTFE Insulated Fiberglass Braided Wire UL5256 TGGT High Temp Cable 250 Degrees 

UL5257 Wire

UL5257 Teflon Insulated Glass Fibre Braid Wire 300 Volts UL5257 TGGT high temperature wires UL5257 300V 250C Teflon Wrapping Electrical TGGT Wire UL5257 24AWG 22AWG 20AWG TGGT Wire UL5257 18AWG 16AWG 14AWG TGGT Wire UL5257 PTFE Wire 20AWG 18AWG UL5257 250C PTFE Tape Insulated Fiberglass Braid Wire UL5257 Teflon Coated Heating Wire 0.5mm2 1.0mm2 1.5mm2 UL5257 Pure Nickel 250 Degree TGGT Cable UL5257 High Temp 250 Degree TGGT Wire 

UL5127 Wire

250 degree TGGT teflon fiberglass braided UL5127 wire UL5127 250C PTFE Tape Insulated TGGT Cable UL5127 600V 250C 24AWG 22AWG 20AWG TGGT Wire UL5127 600V 250C TGGT High Temperature Resistance Wire 

UL5180 Wire

UL5180 PTFE Tape Insulated Fibreglass Braided TGGT Cable UL5180 300V 250C 24AWG 22AWG 20AWG Wire UL5180 PTFE Tape Insulated Fiberglass Braided Cable 

UL5181 Wire

UL5181 TGGT 250C High Temperature Lead Wire UL5181 600V 250C 24AWG 22AWG 20AWG TGGT Wire UL5181 250C Nickel Fiberglass Wire 

UL5196 Wire

UL5196 TGGT High Temperature Hook Up Wire UL5196 600V 250C 18AWG 16AWG 14AWG TGGT Wire UL5196 Nickel Plated Copper Glass Fiber Wire 

Fiberglass Wire

Multilayer Fiberglass Insulation Electric Heater Cable Wire 500V 500C Fiberglass Braid High Temperature Resistance Wire 600V 300V 350C Fiberglass Insulated Resistance wire 350C fibreglass braid fire resistant cable 600V 300V 350C Fiberglass Insulated Cable 500C High Temperature Glass Fibre braid Flexible Wire 0.25mm2 0.5mm2 0.75mm2 Fiberglass Cable 1.0mm2 1.5mm2 2.0mm2 Fiberglass Cable 2.5mm2 3.0mm2 3.5mm2 4.0mm2 Fiberglass Cable 2.5mm 3.0mm 3.5mm 4.0mm Fiberglass Wire 0.25mm 0.5mm 0.75mm Fiberglass Wire 1.0mm 1.5mm 2.0mm Fiberglass Wire 400deg C glass fiber wrapped heat resistant cable 350Deg.C Pure Nickel High Temperature Fiberglass Cable Wire 350C 400C Fiberglass Insulated Electrical Heating Wire Pure nickel high temperature 350C fiberglass wrapped wire 500V 350C pure nickel fiberglass lapping wire 350C high temperature resistance fiberglass wrapping wire Fiberglass braided lapping Insulation NVS Wire 600V 300V 350 Degree Fiberglass Insulated Wire 

Thermocouple Wire

J JX Type Thermocouple Extension Cable Type J JX Thermocouple Extension Cable J JX Type Thermocouple Extension Wire Type J JX Thermocouple Extension Wire Type K KX KC Thermocouple Extension Compensation Wire Type K KX KC Thermocouple Extension Compensation Cable K Type Thermocouple Compensation Extension Wire K Type Thermocouple Compensation Extension Cable Kapton Insulated Thermocouple Wire 

Shield Wire

Multi-Core Pure Nickel 400C High Temperature Shielded Cable Multi-Core 350C High Temperature Shielded Cables Multi-Core Pure Nickel 350C High Temperature Shielded Cable Multi-Core 400C High Temperature Shielded Cables Multi-Conductor Nickel 400C High Temperature Shielded Cables Multi-Conductor 350C Stainless Steel Shielded Cable Multi-Conductor 350C High Temperature Shielded Cables Multi-Conductor 400C High Temperature Shielded Cable 500v 350c fiberglass insulation metal shielded cable 350C multicore stainless steel shield high temperature wire Multicore high temperature metal shield cable 

Pvc Wire

UL1015 600V 105C 24awg 22awg 20awg PVC Wire UL1007 UL1569 PVC Insulated Hook UP Wire 300V 80C UL1007 PVC insulation wire UL1007 PVC Insulated Hook Up Wire UL2464 multicore shielded PVC wire cable 105C 600V UL1015 PVC insulated wire H07V-K 80C PVC Insulated Wire H05VV-F 80C PVC Insulated Cable UL1007 300V 80C 26AWG 24AWG 22AWG PVC Wire UL1007 300V 80C 20AWG 18AWG 16AWG PVC Wire UL1015 600V 105C 26AWG 24AWG 22AWG PVC Wire UL1569 300V 105C PVC Wire 26AWG 24AWG 22AWG UL1569 300V 105C PVC Wire 20AWG 18AWG 16AWG UL1672 300V 105C PVC Wire 26AWG 24AWG 22AWG 

Xlpe Wire

600V 125C UL3343 XLPE insulated cable UL3173 600V 125C XLPE Cable UL3173 600V 125C 26AWG 24AWG 22AWG XLPE Wire UL3173 600V 125C 14AWG 12AWG 10AWG XLPE Wire UL3173 600V 125C 20AWG 18AWG 16AWG XLPE Wire UL3266 300V 125C 26AWG 24AWG 22AWG XLPE Wire UL3266 300V 125C 22awg 20awg 18awg XLPE Cable UL3266 300V 125C 14AWG 12AWG 10AWG XLPE Wire UL3266 300V 125C 20AWG 18AWG 16AWG XLPE Wire UL3343 600V 125C XLPE Wire UL3321 600V 150C 26AWG 24AWG 22AWG XLPE Wire UL3321 600V 150C 20AWG 18AWG 16AWG XLPE Wire UL3321 600V 150C 14AWG 12AWG 10AWG XLPE Wire UL3386 600V 105C 20AWG 18AWG 16AWG XLPE Wire UL3385 300V 105C 26AWG 24AWG 22AWG XLPE Wire UL3385 300V 105C 20AWG 16AWG 18AWG XLPE Wire UL3385 300V 105C 10AWG 14AWG 12AWG XLPE Wire UL3386 600V 105C 26AWG 24AWG 22AWG XLPE Wire UL3386 600V 105C 14AWG 12AWG 10AWG XLPE Wire UL3343 600V 125C 14AWG 12AWG 10AWG XLPE Wire 

Heating Wire

Cr20Ni80 Silicone Insulated Fiberglass Braid Heating Wire Cr20Ni80 Conductor 350C Glass Fiber Heating Wire UL3152 Silicone insulation heater wire UL3152 300V 150C Silicone Rubber Heating Wire Carbon fiber silicone rubber insulation heater wire Silicone insulated carbon fiber heating wire 350C 0.5mm2 0.75mm2 Glass Fiber Sleeving Heating Wire 350C 1.0mm2 1.5mm2 Glass Fiber Sleeving Heating Wire 

Lighting Cable

UL 5128 MGT 450 celsius high temperature cable 600V 300V 250C 18AWG 16AWG 14AWG TGGT Wire 250C PTFE Tape Insulated High Temperature Resistance Cable 3 Core 4 Core 250C High Temperature Cable UL3304 10KV 200C Silicone Fiberglass High Voltage Wire 300V 200C 0.5mm2 0.75mm2 Silicone Fiberglass Braided Wire 600V 0.5mm2 0.75mm2 1.0mm2 Silicone Fiberglass Braided Wire 1.5mm2 2.0mm2 2.5mm2 3.0mm2 Silicone Fiberglass Braided Wire 4.0mm2 6.0mm2 8.0mm2 Silicone Fiberglass Braided Wire 10.0mm2 16.0mm2 25.0mm2 Silicone Fiberglass Braided Wire 1.5mm2 2.0mm2 2.5mm2 3.0mm2 Silicone Fibreglass Braided Wire 200C Silicone Fiberglass Braid Wire Silicone Fiberglass Braid Wire Silicone Fiberglass Braid Cable Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Braid Wire UL3075 Silicone And Fiberglass Wires 10AWG 200 Degree.C Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Braided Wire UL3075 600V 200C 10AWG Silicone Fiberglass Braid Wire UL3304 22AWG 20AWG Silicone Fiberglass High Voltage Wire UL3304 18AWG 16AWG 14AWG 12AWG Silicone Fiberglass Wire 

Special Wire

300V 600V 250C Copper Polyimide Insulated Wire 250C 24AWG 22AWG 20AWG Polyimide Film Insulated Wire 250C 18AWG 16AWG 14AWG Polyimide Film Insulated Wire 250C Kapton Insulated Wire 

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